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darkottawa's Journal

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Dark Ottawa
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Community for underground events/scenes in the Ottawa area. To join the group (you must be a member in order to post), you must go to the top of this page and click on the appropriate link.

This community is publicly viewable, although only registered users may post entries and replies.
Please keep posts on-topic - use your discretion! Abusive posters or habitual spammers will be banned. Due to increasing spam on livejournal, membership in this community is now moderated.

New rules regarding the posting of graphics, pictures, banner ads, etc.:
  • All graphics pertaining to events OUTSIDE Ottawa must be behind an lj-cut. "I don't know how" is not an acceptable excuse - if you do not want to use an lj-cut, then post without pictures.
  • For events WITHIN Ottawa, you may post ONE inline graphic; additional pictures must be behind a cut.

Check out the resource list to see what is available in the Ottawa area:

networking/specialized groups
fashion design, jewellery, accessories, crafts, artisans
visual art/photography
stores & services
bod mod/hair
out of town events
out of town clubs/venues

ANY POSTS WITH COMMENTING DISABLED WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DELETED. Disabling comments defeats the purpose of a community. Also, do not spam here. We don't tolerate it. Posts should be at least tangentially related to the scene in Ottawa. A post about a show in Toronto or Montreal? Fine. An ad for your zine or band with no ties to the Ottawa scene? Sorry. Need general fashion advice? Try cangothfash or alt_fashion first.

Have fun!

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