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para bellvm - Home (Дом), single, 2016 [27 Nov 2016|01:37am]

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
We present to your attention small new work as one of the most influential Russian dark-groups - para bellvm. This music band exists since 1997 and recently has released an album of piano versions of the their songs "Lesnoy Tsar". We ask you to meet with the new work and to estimate the previous works.


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para bellvm fan-video - "В электрическом небе" (In the electric sky) [13 Apr 2016|03:28am]

para bellvm

Dear friends! We have found in archives sent once the fan-video to our dynamic song "In the Electric Sky". Let's look that cool thing together!

Especially for Day of Astronautics – that day still walks on the planet!

VK: http://vk.com/parabellvm
FaceBook: http://facebook.com/parabellvm

Official site: http://parabellvmband.ru
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para bellvm "We are not love" (Мы Не Любим) (2015) [16 Dec 2015|10:41pm]

para bellvm

120.60 КБ

Brand new album from one of famous an oldest russian dark-rock/gothic bands.

listen new album on-line:


buy mp3:

VK: http://vk.com/parabellvm
FaceBook: http://facebook.com/parabellvm

new para bellvm's video "Death to that world"
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Gloomth- Made in Ontario! [06 May 2013|11:27am]


Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

Our newest collection for 2014 is now available! "Memento Mori", dark death and mourning inspired pieces dripping with detail and texture.

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Delica-m: Mean Something official music video [11 Dec 2012|10:01am]

The latest music video from synthpop band Delica-m:

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New Fall Designs from Gloomth [28 Sep 2012|11:22am]

 **Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy**
website- http://www.gloomth.com
etsy- http://www.etsy.com/shop/gloomth

Our new autumn 2012 designs are in shop now! Beautiful Gothic Victorian pieces and fresh takes on our classic styles.
Just time time for the Halloween season! 

The Graveyard
The Graveyard
The Graveyard
The Graveyard

Hand Made in Ontario, Canada.
Custom Tailoring is Available.
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OttawaGoth.ca Launch! [13 Aug 2012|04:56pm]

Ottawa's source for Gothic culture is finally up! Go check it out at:

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New monthly club night! [05 Jul 2012|10:34am]


Guest DJ schedule:

July: DJ Alis (Encephalon, Death Disco)
August: Jeff Main (Tread Lightly on CKCU 93.1 FM)
September: Gilbert Lachance (From One Extreme to Another on CHUO 89.1 FM)
October: DJ Phillihp (previously of Death Disco and Industrial Strength Tuesdays)
November: DJ [L]otus

More to come....
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SWAG TONIGHT AT PHOD'S [29 May 2012|07:19pm]

I am guest DJing with kNiveD tonight so I figured I'd bring along some presents. I have three double CDs from Mordacious & I Love Club Sluts. I will play three songs from Mordacious or I Love Club Sluts tonight. Be the first one to the booth when I do and you will get a free CD! Additionally, I will have tickets for The Seance Tour, featuring God Module, Twitch the Ripper and Mordacious available tonight so come see me!
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Gloomth's Haunted Circus! [29 May 2012|12:21pm]


Gloomth's Haunted Circus
The newest theme line from Ontario based Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy. A series of beautiful pieces inspired by a spooky nocturnal circus!


Gloomth's Haunted Circus
Gloomth's Haunted Circus
Gloomth's Haunted Circus
Gloomth's Haunted Circus
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OGTV is unveiled with an interview with The Creepshow! [07 Mar 2012|05:34pm]

Ottawa Goth unveils OGTV

Ottawa Goth presents an interview with Psychobilly / Punk Rock band The Creepshow during their concert in Ottawa on Feburary 23rd, 2012 at Mavericks.
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This weekend (March 9th) [07 Mar 2012|05:30pm]

Friday, March 9th, 2012

This Friday, I (DJ Reverie) am guest DJing during School of Bass which also features Tampered DNA (Psytrance) and Simply Craig (Progressive / Trance).

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

This Saturday, as usual, is Death Disco at Swizzles (246 Queen St between Bank & Kent). kNiveD (also of Industrial Strength Tuesdays) and Alis (also of Encephalon (Artoffact / Dependent Records)) will be DJing. Music starts at 10 PM and there's no cover.

This message has been brought to you by Ottawa Goth.
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Tonight - Ottawa Goth 19+ Meetup / Sunday - Ottawa Goth at Winterlude [10 Feb 2012|02:05pm]

Every 2nd Friday of the month is the Ottawa Goth (formerly the Ottawa Goth Syndicate) 19+ meetup and this month we'll be meeting at the new Mill Street Brewpub located at 555 Wellington St. We have 18 confirmed as Attending so far on Facebook.

Since I wasn't able to actually make a reservation, considering that no one is able to reserve during the month of February, we'll be meeting in front at 7:45 PM and we'll be going in at 8:00 PM. If you can't make it by 7:45, please text me at 613-286-9149 before 8:00 PM and let me know that you're coming so that we can ensure you'll have a place to sit.


On Sunday, we're meeting at 1:30 PM at the Mackenzie Bridge entrance of the Rideau Centre where we'll then be going to skate on the canal and check out what Winterlude has to offer.

For more information, please Like us on Facebook.
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01/27 & 01/28 - Red Death Masquerade & the Aftermath [09 Jan 2012|03:15pm]

An Ottawa Goth Syndicate Presentation

Red Death Masquerade & the Aftermath


Red Death Masquerade
Friday, January 27, 2012 - 9:00 PM until 2:00 AM

Inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe short "Masque of the Red Death", Red Death Masquerade is a modern take on the traditional Masquerade Ball (Masks are NOT optional... No mask, no entry!). Featuring Toronto's DJ Th'Elf as well as locals DJ Reverie and DJ [L]otus playing a mix of Retro '80s, EBM and Synthpop as well as author Liisa Ladouceur (Encyclopedia Gothica) and loads of prizes including a $100 prize for the most enticing costume.

Tickets available in advance for 10 dollars or 15 dollars at the door (price includes entry for Day Two as well). This is a 19+ event.

Tickets now available at:

•Vertigo Records - 193 Rideau St, Ottawa
•The Record Shaap - 209 Gilmour St, Ottawa


The Aftermath
Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 1:00 PM until 9:00 PM

Organized by the Ottawa Goth Syndicate, this will be Ottawa's first kind of "Gothic" weekend. While Ottawa has had the presence of a scene since the Goth movement began, never before have its numbers been so strong or the desire for more been present. Currently we have three nights a week available for bar/club-hopping: Tuesdays (Industrial Strength) at Zaphods, Thursdays (Happy Music for Sad People) at Swizzles, and Saturdays (Death Disco) at Swizzles. Unfortunately, beyond these nights and a shop called Trivium, our scene is left dreaming of far-away cities and how strong their communities are. The OGS is trying to change this, through creating this event and showcasing different aspects of the Gothic Subculture. Fashion, Music, Literature, Art, History and so much more will be showcased at this event.

Admission is $2 or free with Red Death Masquerade ticket stub. This is an All Ages event.


@ Kent Street Legion, Garrison Sergeant Hall
330 Kent St, 2nd Floor, Ottawa, ON


We are still looking for vendors for "The Aftermath" so if you're interested in becoming a vendor, please check our website at:

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10/31 & 11/01 - Dark Carnival [28 Oct 2011|02:29pm]

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10/29 - Death Disco Halloween Special! [28 Oct 2011|02:27pm]

Dolston and special guest DJ [L]otus will be your soundtrack during tomorrow's Death Disco at Swizzles (246 Queen St between Bank & Kent) starting at 10 PM. There's no cover!

$100 prize will be going out to the best costume. See you there!
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10/26 - Future Pop on CKCU 93.1 FM [26 Oct 2011|03:27pm]

I played the following set yesterday:

  1. And One - Sometimes - Taken from "Naghavi's Selection 97-03" (2011).
  2. Ashbury Heights - Derrick is a Strange Machine - Taken from "Three Cheers for the Newlydeads" (2007).
  3. Syrian - Supernova - Taken from "Alien Nation" (2007).
  4. Frozen Plasma - Earthling - Taken from "Monumentum" (2009).
  5. De/Vision - Flash of Life (Backscatter Remix by Solitary Experiments) - Taken from "Popgefahr - The Mix" (2011).
  6. System Syn - Ordinary Life - Taken from "All Seasons Pass" (2011).
  7. Imperative Reaction - Time Doesn't Care - Taken from "Imperative Reaction" (2011).
  8. Encephalon - Drop Dead - Taken from "The Transhuman Condition" (2011).
  9. Electrovot - Winter Day (Red Flag Mix) - Taken from "Turning Point" (2011).
  10. Destroid - Silent World (SITD Remix) - Taken from "Silent World EP" (2009).
  11. Diskonnekted - Atlantis (Re:Discovered) - Taken from "Matrix Downloaded 001" compilation (2011).
  12. Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (Album Version) - Taken from "Inhuman EP" (2011).
  13. Psy'Aviah - SOS Overdose - Taken from "Introspection / Extrospection" (2011).
  14. Straftanz - Monkey Do, Monkey Say - Taken from "Mainstream Sellout Overground" (2011).
  15. Shiv-R - God Is Art - Taken from "This World Erase" (2011).
  16. Freakangel - My Darling Bullet - Taken from "Sounds from the Matrix 011" compilation (2011).
  17. Binary Park - The Deviated - Taken from "The Deviated EP" (2011).
  18. Apoptygma Berzerk - Apollo (Rotersand Rework) - Taken from "Black EP Vol. 2" (2011).
  19. Mental Discipline feat. Felix Marc - Fallen Stars (Progressive Fall Mix by Alpha Point) - Taken from "Fallen Stars EP" (2011).
  20. Ien Oblique - Drowning World - Taken from "Aderlass Vol. 7" compilation (2010).
  21. Solitary Experiments - A Rush of Ecstasy - Taken from "In the Eye of the Beholder" (2009).
  22. Covenant - Judge of My Domain - Taken from "Modern Ruin" (2011).
  23. Pride and Fall - Blood - Taken from "In My Time of Dying" (2007).
  24. SITD - Rot V1.0 - Taken from "Rot" (2009).
  25. Blutengel - Insomnia - Taken from "Reich Mir Die Hand EP" (2011).

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11/19 - Unexpect @ Mavericks [24 Oct 2011|12:58pm]

Blackwidow Promotions Presents

Saturday November 19th

UNEXPECT's CD Release Party for "Fables of the Sleepless Empire"







@ Mavericks (221 Rideau), 19+, Doors 7pm

Tickets only $15 online via:

Physical tickets now on sale at Vertigo Records, the Record Shaap and via the local bands.
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10/14 - School of Bass 17 @ Brixton's British Pub [11 Oct 2011|01:31pm]


School of Bass Presents:
Friday, October 14th @ 10 PM

HDee vs Sweb - [2SC, Bop] - Electro, Dubstep

Reverie - [Death Disco, Positronic Radio, Future Pop] - EBM

Diepsloot - [Heat] - House

Joe Rowe - [DFF] - Breaks

$4 bar rails before midnight! $15.50 Blut pitcher drink deal all night! Bottle service: Smirnoff Vodka or Canadian Club whiskey at $115 including tip and taxes.

Brixton's British Pub, 210 Sparks St
$5 at the door with valid photo ID.

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10/12 - Future Pop on CKCU 93.1 FM [11 Oct 2011|01:27pm]

Join me tomorrow, Wednesday night October 14th from midnight to 2 AM on CKCU 93.1 FM for my radio show, Future Pop, where I'll be filling in for another show.

I hope you'll tune in :)
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