para bellvm — XII (Collection 2008 — 2020)

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para bellvm

Here is a global collection of songs from the last 12 years. This is not "best of", but rather a kind of reinterpretation of Zeitgeist. The new compilation is a group portrait of the band that entered a new era for itself in 2008, along with the release of the album "Book of kings". However, "XII" is not a summing up, as the story goes on.

New monthly club night!

Guest DJ schedule:

July: DJ Alis (Encephalon, Death Disco)
August: Jeff Main (Tread Lightly on CKCU 93.1 FM)
September: Gilbert Lachance (From One Extreme to Another on CHUO 89.1 FM)
October: DJ Phillihp (previously of Death Disco and Industrial Strength Tuesdays)
November: DJ [L]otus

More to come....


I am guest DJing with kNiveD tonight so I figured I'd bring along some presents. I have three double CDs from Mordacious & I Love Club Sluts. I will play three songs from Mordacious or I Love Club Sluts tonight. Be the first one to the booth when I do and you will get a free CD! Additionally, I will have tickets for The Seance Tour, featuring God Module, Twitch the Ripper and Mordacious available tonight so come see me!