Schattenjager (datagram) wrote in darkottawa,

Tonight - Ottawa Goth 19+ Meetup / Sunday - Ottawa Goth at Winterlude

Every 2nd Friday of the month is the Ottawa Goth (formerly the Ottawa Goth Syndicate) 19+ meetup and this month we'll be meeting at the new Mill Street Brewpub located at 555 Wellington St. We have 18 confirmed as Attending so far on Facebook.

Since I wasn't able to actually make a reservation, considering that no one is able to reserve during the month of February, we'll be meeting in front at 7:45 PM and we'll be going in at 8:00 PM. If you can't make it by 7:45, please text me at 613-286-9149 before 8:00 PM and let me know that you're coming so that we can ensure you'll have a place to sit.


On Sunday, we're meeting at 1:30 PM at the Mackenzie Bridge entrance of the Rideau Centre where we'll then be going to skate on the canal and check out what Winterlude has to offer.

For more information, please Like us on Facebook.
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