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Nekusis Clearing Out Sale & Party

So, Nekusis, your affordable independent publishing and zine distro for the weird, dark, fucked-up, and eccentrically artsy, has been chugging on for 2 years despite all odds and obstacles. To celebrate, we're having a little shindig on Monday, Sept. 4 @ Avant Garde Bar, 8pm-midnight.

This event will have the following:

-Nekusis Clearing Out Sale, where all stock are grouped together in bags and boxes of $5 or $10, and then at some point in the night all remaining merchandise will be auctioned off, or given away as prizes in various contests. The merchandise includes stickers, zines, chapbooks, comics, dolls, stuffed toys, t-shirts, candeholders and lanterns, jewellery, and many more. This stuff is all independently or locally made, or just random stuff given out for garage sale price.

-Worst Goth Poetry 666 Slam! For the first time that I know of, Ottawa will have their first themed poetry slam. A poetry slam requires slam poets to go on stage with a prepared poem (which may be read on paper) for three minutes (points are taken off if you go over) without any props or costumes (well, in this case, you can look as goth as you wanna be), and 5 randomly picked judges from the audience will get to give each contestant a score from 0-10. THIS poetry slam is going to go 1 UBER-DEATHMATCH ROUND where whoever has the highest score based on the worst possible goth poetry one can ever imagine in their waking nightmares, gets a $10 Nekusis Gift Prize (which is a free t-shirt, zine, sticker, and a drink I'll buy you myself).

-Other possible contests will also arise during the night, like "Best/Worst Dressed" or "Goth Culture Icon" or "Halloween Culture Icon", or "You Look Like You Need Free Stuff--HERE!"

The most important part of the night, is what YOU the PUBLIC want to be there. This is a celebration of art, writing, community, and having fun.

1) Would you like to see a section or wall devoted to random people coming in and drawing on it?

2) Do you want rare or fucked-up horror/slasher/goth-culture films shown on the bar's huge flat screen TV? (I'd prefer independent local film, since it's easier to buy the showing rights.)

3) What local goth/industrial/rock/acoustic bands, musicians, and singers would you like to see onstage? Any spoken word poets, or performers? (We're all about promoting the little guy and underdog-- all artists get paid with free alcohol, and perhaps a small sum of money.)

REMEMBER: There is no cover for this event! There may even be free food (I have to work it out with the bar staff). All of the proceeds go back to indie publishing and underground swag to bring you even better merchandise in the 2006-2007 year. Nekusis is thinking of adding mainstream culture magazines to their repertoire, like Rue Morgue, Legends, Dark Realms, Red Scream, Meat Socket, New Grave, Dark Life, Black October, Industrial Nation, etc., etc. It all depends on how much money we raise, and what you want to see in our stock next year, and whether you want to see more events like these, a regular segment of the Goth Poetry Slam, small music shows, or see us having a small table to sell shit at Industrial Tuesday nights.

Website's not been updated, and being renovated for the September show, but still check out:
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